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Muhackl as a lamb We had to bundle Muhackl up before we had the time to bring him home. Today he's our little herd's (of former orphans) leader.
yard animals Old MacDonald had a farm ...
Strike I won't leave!
lonely duckling

Hurry, guys ... I am lonely!

cats door men in Wyoming
goat on a mission billy goat "007" - on a secret mission in cowland
sleeping pup a dog's life

More brawn than brain


How cuuute!


Lamas protect sheep from predators ... this one seems to be unemployed.

feeding lambs Our cook Tanja has to feed many mouths.
geese Contenance, ladies!
Abby JoAnn's Abby ... dog or not, this is the question!
cat Trouble grilled house cat - Trouble always lives up to her name
calves at supper Wolfgang feeds the masses (calves Norman und Eugene)
sheep Can these eyes lie (Schmusi)?
Labrador Retrievers We are hot (Rocky, Onyx and Gauge)!
calf "Norman" Who can resist (Norman)?
stroll a stroll with buddies (Mele with Norman, Smokey and Barbie)
lamb Which way did they go?

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