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romantic love romantic love (Smokey and Trouble)
Olli and lamb unconditional love (Olli and Schmusi)
buffalos unexpected love (Daisy and her young lover Junior)
horse dog dominant love (Smokey and Chester)
no interest

unrequited love (Schmusi and Onyx)

gelding loves mare sex (Juno, a gelding, and Rena)
cow and bull The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach (Jack and Red)
Doerte and Barbie Birds of a feather flock together (Doerte and Barbie)

exotic love (Foxy and Lucky)

strutting turkeys


we share

practical love (Schmusi and Frisco)

lambs sibling love (Porgy and Bess)
animal babys teenage love ...
cat and lamb platonic love (Dreadlock and Babe)
cat family mother love: Tiger and kids

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